our roots

Woods N Suds is a collaboration of myself & my husband. It is the perfect blend of both of us all rolled into one. I, Jennifer, am devoted to soaps, lotions, balms, anything herbal really. Lyle, my husband, is a wood hoarder. He collects and works with all kinds of woods. Our main wood we like to work with is reclaimed pallet wood.

We met in 2010 in Nashville, TN. Lyle comes from a military family so he traveled a lot growing up, before joining the Marine Corps himself at 18. I am from a small town in southern Illinois, where we currently reside with our family of 4 while we renovate a school bus into a tiny home on wheels. We have 2 sons. Brayden is 2 and Rylen is 4 months old. Once we complete our renovation, we plan to take Woods N Suds on the road and travel full time.

Our soaps are all natural and are made with the most organic ingredients I could find. We do use some palm oil, but I can assure you, I pay extra to have it come from a sustainable source. We like to add organically, locally harvested herbs to our soaps. We strive to be organic and vegan. All of our soaps are made in small batches using a cold process method. Bars are approximately 3 ounces each and are guaranteed to lather well.

Our wood projects, we work mostly off custom orders. We do carry some inventory of some signs, but we love creating a one of a kind piece. We can create anything from a small sign to a large piece of furniture. All of our signs are hand painted, no vinyl used here. Most of our items are shippable, except the large items. If you have an idea in mind, we would love to create something for you.

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